Oy, Sandy! Enough Already!

I saw that statement written on a boarded up window on television a few days ago in an area that had been wrecked by the storm. The sense of loss, sadness, fatigue, fear and/or anger is almost palpable in some places.

If times were not stressful enough due to the economy, they’re certainly worse . . . → Read More: Oy, Sandy! Enough Already!

Oh, To Be Stress Free!

People who see me for counseling are often stressed, anxious or sad. They don’t always understand why they can’t enjoy their life. This is true even for those who believe that in general they have a good life. Unfortunately, nobody lives a stress free life.

Generally speaking, these are very stressful times for people . . . → Read More: Oh, To Be Stress Free!

Feeling A Disconnect

Do you sometimes wonder what people in Washington are thinking?  I sure do.

I ran into a neighbor this morning and she was talking about how the cost of everything is going up and money doesn’t go as far as it once did. Almost everyone I know complains about that. I get sticker shock . . . → Read More: Feeling A Disconnect

Can People Really Change?

intimate couple

I’ve been asked that question over and over and I have no doubt that much of the time, the answer is yes, why not? Watching my patients’ lives improve over time is what makes my work so rewarding.

Why is this on so many people’s minds? There are numerous reasons. For starters, the message . . . → Read More: Can People Really Change?