Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on numerous factors, such as, frequency of sessions, your motivations to do the work, the specific issues involved.

I require that people come at least once a week, preferably on the same day and time, so that we maintain continuity and we both have our meetings worked into our regular weekly schedule. Experience tells me that when sessions are not fixed, people end up missing sessions (having a negative impact on the therapy process) or they schedule themselves out of therapy altogether.

Do I have to come more than once a week?

I won’t force anyone to do what they don’t want to do yet that is my preferred way of working as it gives us more time to analyze what’s happening at a deeper level. Thus, the overall length of the therapy process might be shortened. Depending on the specifics of the case, I may suggest increasing the frequency of sessions since more sessions can be very helpful for people who are having trouble keeping up their normal level of functioning or those who simply want to use the time as a growth process to learn more about what makes them tick.

How long are the sessions?

Individual sessions run 45-minutes. Couples sessions, 60 minutes.

What do you charge?

My fees are neither the highest nor the lowest in the New York City metropolitan area. I’ll be happy to discuss this further by phone and can be reached at 212-475-3488.

What happens if I miss a session?

Given the importance I place on continuity of the work and the fact that my world revolves around my session schedule, I charge for all missed sessions. If, for some reason, you can’t physically get to my office, we can do a phone session (though be advised, in most cases phone sessions are not reimbursable by insurance). Or, if necessary, we can try to reschedule within that week.

Is therapy tax deductible?

It is deductible for some so I suggest you consult your tax professional.

Are our sessions confidential?

Yes, with certain exceptions, such as, I am mandated to report if I believe you are a danger to yourself or others, or if I learn of abuse of children or the elderly.