Individual Therapy for Adults

Even for those who, on the surface, are quite successful, entering psychotherapy is the equivalent of investing in yourself and often results in personal growth, better relationships and business and career development.

• You may see the problem yet feel helpless to resolve it.
• You may feel as if you can’t move forward in life.
• You may be experiencing an undefined sense of dissatisfaction.
• You or someone close to you may simply notice that you seem different.

Counseling can be helpful in many areas of life:

• problems with personal or business relationships
• self-esteem
• sadness or depression
• unexplained changes in sleep or eating habits
• anxiety
• stress
• anger
• conflict resolution
• life changes
• communication skills
• problem solving skills
• out-of-control emotions
• grief
• general sense of confusion or dissatisfaction
• intimacy issues
• work-related issues
• creative blocks
• loneliness
• personal growth and greater emotional awareness

Therapy can be very rewarding. For some, it’s the first time in their life they feel understood and accepted for who they are. You can learn the meaning of your thoughts, feelings and past and present behavior patterns, many of which will have been unconsciously buried or distorted. Armed with the knowledge of what makes you tick and how you interact with the world, your creative and interpersonal skills at home and at work will be enhanced and you will likely experience an increased sense of self-acceptance, self-awareness and inner peace.

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